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The Money Mindset Queen Podcast

Mar 14, 2022

While we often discuss our financial freedom journey, the reality is we are all undertaking journeys in our mental health, spirituality, physical fitness, and many more every single day. And in this episode, Candice reminds us just how much our village and circle matter on our path to showing up as the best version of ourselves.


Tune in as your host asks you to evaluate the people you surround yourself with and do some Springtime cleaning. While it is essential to have friends who support us on all our journeys, it is also necessary to release those who no longer do. As Candice says, “If there is someone in your circle that does not clap when you win, they must go.”



- Why everyone can’t go on your journey with you

- The importance of who and what you keep around you

- “People can only meet you as far as they are”

- Evaluate your circle - friends versus acquaintances 

- How to discern who is for you and who is not



“Understand this: the financial freedom journey, the spiritual journey, the mental health journey, any journey that you are on could potentially result in you having to leave someone behind.”



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