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The Money Mindset Queen Podcast

Jan 31, 2022

Scratch anything you’ve heard about budgets in the past! In this episode, Candice brings you along on her journey of wealth and guides you on how to create a rich girl spending plan. Eliminate the “B” word and learn the steps to designing a realistic spending plan that makes sense for your lifestyle. From setting target dates for your financial goals to baking a buffer into your “budget,” listen in and start making your money work for you!



- Why Candice is eliminating budgets and creating spending plans 

- What is the first thing we need to know when setting financial goals?

- Fixed versus variable expenses

- How to include self-care in your spending plan 

- Identify your money goals and make a plan

- Where can you pivot?

- Candice’s bonus gems!



“What we're doing with the word budget, we're turning that word into a positive by calling it a spending plan. Now I don't feel restricted. Now, it's like, okay, I'm telling myself what to spend. I'm not telling myself what to not spend.”



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