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The Money Mindset Queen Podcast

Jul 12, 2021

In this episode, your host Candice shares the top 5 most important lessons she learned from her financial journey. From learning to save effectively to building your credit to simply enjoying the money you earn, Candice covers some of the most crucial bases when it comes to building your wealth. So grab a notepad and take some notes, because you’re gonna uncover some financial gems with Candice in this episode! 



  • How to live within your means. 
  • The key to effective saving and budgeting. 
  • How to start investing small. 
  • Why you need to build your credit. 
  • Learn to enjoy your money. 



“God doesn't want us to be broke. God doesn't want us to live broke. He wants us to fulfill our dreams of becoming financially free, financially stable, and to live well.”



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